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OWS becomes your virtual in-house web-development team to web-enable your survey. We "do-it-all" for you so you don't have to.

360 Feedback Surveys

From your survey questions, OWS creates a custom 360 Feedback survey:

* OWS can admistrate your 360 Feedback survey to 1 participant or to hundreds.
* Participants can add their own narrative questions.
* Participants can add their own introductory comments to the email form sending feedback invitations to their respondents.
* Add up to three levels of approval for the participant's respondent nominations.
* OWS can launch a custom 360 Feedback survey within a day.
* Administrate the 360 Feedback survey process (usually 2-3 weeks).
* Provide customer service to survey respondents by email and phone.
* Send personalized reminders only as needed.
* Provide the sponsoring OD consultant or HR professional with an online, real-time participation information web page.
* Create and deliver 360 Feedback reports as PDFs.
* Preserve and incorporate historical data for reporting norms across multiple waves of the 360 Feedback survey.
* Price? Between $50 and $70 per delivered report.
* Provide realtime online dashboard displaying charts and cross-tabs webpages that can be downloaded as pdfs.
* Provide cross-tabulation, statistical analysis and reports of historical data.  

The Mini360/Feedback Partnership Tool

A participant uses an Mini360 Tool to identify one behavior, that one big thing, or a few behaviors they want to change and invite colleagues to offer feedback for 2 months. The Mini360 facilitates feedback partnerships over time so colleagues will engage with the participant to change. How does this work?

* The participant receives Mini360 link.
* On the survey page, the participant identifies behavior(s) to change.
* On the email form page, the participant enters their feedback partners' contact information.
* The Mini360 tool emails feedback partners on behalf of the participant. The email 1) identifies the behavior(s) the participant wants to change, 2) requests real time informal feedback for 2 months, and 3) lets them know they will be sent a short survey at the end of 2 months to offer formal feedback about the participant’s behavior(s).  
* During the 2 months, the Mini360 tool reminds feedback partners to observe and offer informal feedback regarding the behavior(s). 
* At the end of 2 months, the Mini360 sends feedback partners a short survey asking about how the participant’s behavior(s) has changed.
* The participant receives a report aggregating the anonymous responses from the feedback partners.
* Price? $70 per delivered report.

This Mini360 tool creates a feedback partnership, not just a moment in time feedback. 

Alternatively, a coach, working with a participant, can initiate the feedback partnership process on the participant's behalf or have OWS do it.

Works great with a group, i.e., C-suite, board members, who list each other as feedback partners. Everyone is on board to change their one big thing!

The Team Mini360

Each team member identifies 2 or 3 questions they want to ask the other team members. For example, John might ask, 1) "Do I listen well to you?", 2) "Do I follow-up on my commitments?"

How does this work?

* Each team member receives a Team Mini360 link.
* On the survey page, each team member identifies 2 or 3 questions they want other team members to answer.
* Once all team members have submitted their questions, the Team Mini360 tool emails each team member the questions they are being asked to answer by other team members. 
* Once all team members have submitted their answers, the Team Mini360 tool emails each team member a report aggregating the anonymous responses from the other team members.
* Price? $70 per delivered report.

Engagement Surveys

Got an engagement survey? Put it online with OWS and leave the reporting to us. OWS provides a real time reporting and participation dashboard displaying cross tabs and charts as web pages that can be downloaded as pdfs. Utilize filters based on the key demographics to create many sub-reports, or have OWS do it for you. We write a program to crank through all the demographics to create a report for each with one click.

Salary and Benefit Surveys

Organization Development consultants and Human Resource professionals depend on Salary and Benefit surveys to compare one orgainzation's salary and benifit package to that of the organizations' peers. These surveys can collect hundreds of pieces of comparision data asking a dozen of attributes for up to 30 positions. The result is a spreadsheet showing the mean result and spread for each attribute for each position.

DIY Surveys

Above, OWS creates, hosts, and adminstrates your survey; alternatively, OWS can also create a custom DIY survey tool so you can adminstrate your own custom survey.

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